Life x Design

Life by Design is new course offered at ASU that helps students explore career paths that align with their personal goals and interests, leading them down a path of self-discovery. This course shows students how to weave together many interrelated aspects of life to design a college trajectory for themselves that emphasizes exploration, creativity and continued growth and discovery.

The branding for this course needed to reflect its exploratory nature while still remaining true to the ASU brand. My first few sketches played with the “x,” the intersection between life and design.

As I ideated, I also reflected on my own experience at ASU, a process of self-discovery that led me to change my major from journalisms to graphic design as I built a path for myself that aligned more closely with my genuine interests and creative hobbies. I thought back to my love of art as a child, my lifelong interest and natural skill in creative endeavors, and my current job at the time of making my decision, which was a design job working in the journalism industry. This decision required lots of reflection and introspection about what kind of work I could see myself doing day-to-day, the lifestyle I’d want to lead as well as the pros and cons of each major. Looking back, I certainly would have benefited from the structure and guidance of Life x Design as I navigated this challenging process.

The next set of sketches was about exploring a more dynamic interaction between life and design, both through typography and the placement of the x. This was also a collaborative process in which I worked closely with other designers and drew some inspiration from their sketches.

As the process of selecting a logo narrowed down a bit, a few finalists remained, each with a distinctly different look for Life x Design. Late in the process, the idea of an “unBrand” was floated. Traditional approaches to branding felt too restrictive for a brand that was supposed to be about growth and change.

Three separate, but similarly related, concepts and sketches were drafted and I helped vectorize these ideas and mock them up on real objects and environments. All three “unBranding” ideas emphasize movement and interchanging elements, visualizing the concept of “building your own adventure.”

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